Action Items This Week



This week, we are working to reopen schools in the fall, bringing real civics back to American kids, supporting President Trump, and telling the Senate to help Americans get back to work instead of helping the Democrats keep the economy shuttered.

Reopening Schools

After last week’s reopening schools event at the White House, we need to thank President Trump and show him he has support, because the media immediately attacked him for saying that schools must reopen in the fall.

First, share this tweet thanking President Trump.


Copy and paste link:

Email: Sample Line: Thank President Trump for trying to reopen schools! Body Text: Please help me publicly thank President Trump by either emailing this link to others, posting it on your own social media accounts if you have any, or both! Thank you!

Second, email the White House and to let President Trump know you support his efforts to reopen schools.

Third, download this sample letter to your school board members urging them to reopen the schools. The letter uses facts from the CDC and other sources to make the case that kids can go back to school in the fall. Once you’ve downloaded it, be sure to fill in the parts that need to be customized and personalized (like your name and the school board, etc.) before you print it out or email it.

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again

We all understand that schools need to reopen. However, we also know that public schools have fallen very short of teaching our children proper civics for many years. We will have weekly ideas you can use to bring real civics back again.

This week, we are recommending reading the Declaration of Independence with your kids or grandkids, as well as having them repeat the first 100 words back to you (in chunks) as part of teaching them to memorize this part of the Declaration.

You can view a copy of the Declaration of Independence here.

Lastly, if you want to read about how the left has corrupted civics, and what to keep an eye out for in the schools your children or grandchildren attend, read this report from the National Association of Scholars about civics education. While the report focuses mostly on higher education, they also discuss how this has trickled down to K-12.

Call & Email Both of Your Senators

We need to continue to put pressure on the Senate to reject any extension of the supplemental unemployment payment of $600/week, and instead, to pass a payroll tax suspension for the rest of the year.

It doesn’t matter if your Rep. or your Senators are Republicans or Democrats. The same message goes to all of them.

  • Tell them to vote NO on any effort to extend the supplemental unemployment payments beyond July 31.
  • Tell them to vote YES on a payroll tax suspension for the rest of the year, so that Americans can get back to work and get a raise!
  • Send the Wall Street Journal article to your Representative and your Senators. They all most likely have a subscription and can read the full article. You will probably have to go to their official government websites and use their online contact forms rather than actual email. Here is the link:

Share President Trump’s Independence Day Speech

If you haven’t shared the President’s speech from Mount Rushmore yet, please do so! People in your sphere of influence need to see or read it for themselves, rather than trusting what the mainstream media has said.

Highlights Video from Mount Rushmore on July 3rd

Transcript of President Trump’s Remarks from Mount Rushmore on July 3rd

Video of President Trump’s Remarks from Mount Rushmore on July 3rd