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Action Items for this Week: February 26 – March 2



Please take the following actions this week:

1.   Call your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and let them know that the American people want lower spending levels, we do NOT want DACA wrapped up in a spending bill, and we absolutely oppose an insurance bailout. The phone number for the Capitol switchboard is: 202.224.3121. (You will need to call three times to be transferred to each office.) We have talking points below for your use.

2.   Use social media to help inform your friends and family about the spending bill – and ask them to oppose proposals to include DACA or insurance bailouts in the spending bill.

3.   Sign our petition to show your support for the Second Amendment.

Also, let us know what volunteer activities you are most interested in related to this issue.

4.   Please check out the volunteer activities related to helping Chip Roy for the 21st Congressional District of Texas.


  • The American people are opposed to insurance bailouts. The upcoming spending bill should NOT bail out the insurance companies.
  • Spending bills are an inappropriate vehicle for addressing DACA. Do not wrap DACA into the upcoming spending bill.
  • Americans are opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. American voters want a thoughtful solution to President Obama’s illegal DACA. Congress should not use the spending bill to extend DACA.
  • Republicans are proving to be as bad with spending as their Democrat counterparts. The American people elected Republicans and gave them the majority in both chambers of Congress, in part, because we want lower spending levels.
  • Republicans need to live up to their campaign promises to reduce spending.

Last Week

Jenny Beth Martin moderated a CPAC 2018 panel on the importance of patents.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund joined a coalition of organizations in signing a letter in support of the STRONGER Patents Act of 2017. It’s important for Congress and the White House to work together on of the STRONGER Patents Act of 2017 to provide relief and support to our American creators and innovators.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund signed on to the Coalition to End Domestic Violence (CEDV) sending a letter to Senator Grassley. 

Last week’s media:

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