Action Items This Week



This week’s action items include reading through and sharing resources about how safe it actually is to reopen schools – and keep them open. We also need to continue sharing the letter about hydroxychloroquine, the videos of doctors telling the truth, and the petition against Big Tech censorship. And, as always, we have a new civics lesson!

Note: in order to share the links below, simply open the link, and copy the URL address, and then paste it wherever it is that you are sharing it.

Read and Share School Reopening Resources

We have collected a lot of important resources about how it safe it is for children to go back to school in one PDF, from news articles to research papers with hard data, and more. It is two pages, and some of the reports and papers are quite dense and long. So, the major action item this week is to take some time every day to go through the links. As you do, please share them with others over social media and/or over email by copying and pasting the links from the PDF.

Read and Share Explosive Info About US Departments & National Laboratories

Christopher Rufo, from the Discovery Institute and Heritage Foundation, has uncovered, through whistleblowers, the taxpayer-funded training and abuse of employees with racist, left-wing re-education camps. Read through his Twitter threads linked below (you can read them even if you don’t have a Twitter account – just open the links and read). He has also written about these matters on his website,

Continue to Watch, Share, and Sign: Censored Videos, Letters, and Petitions

We are asking you to keep sharing these videos, the Hydroxychloroquine letter to the President, and the petition about Big Tech censorship – don’t let the left win by stopping you from sharing the truth!

“Ask a Medical Expert” Video with Physicians

Censored Videos of Physicians from the DC Summit & Press Conferences

The Hydroxychloroquine Letter

Petition Against Big Tech Censorship

Second Opinion Project Interviews with Doctors

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of August 24th

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children. Download this week’s lesson as a PDF.

This week, we will discuss Benjamin Franklin’s statement, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Read this Townhall article about this famous response from Franklin, and then read this article about how America is a republic and not a democracy from The Federalist.

If you have younger children, you can have a simple discussion with them about a republic vs. a democracy, and why our Founders wisely chose a republican form of government.

If you have older children who are aware of the unrest, the tearing down of statues, and the left’s attempt to erase our history, then you can expand the discussion to include how the attempt to erase and rewrite our national history is connected to the idea of a republic vs. democracy. The same people who want to tear society down and rewrite history are the same people who want to transform America from a republic into a democracy.

Discuss why that might be – why would erasing history help with the cause of transforming our entire form of government? Conservative Review has an interesting article about underlying reasons and how they are connected to tearing down statues that you may want to read with older children.

Lastly, either for your own education or that of your older children, we’ve also included resources to push back on the “most divisive lie in American history,” told again and again by Joe Biden. It’s called the “very fine people hoax,” and it’s about the lie stemming from the infamous Charlottesville events a few years ago. This is also a good lesson about how twisting history is done deliberately, for political purposes. Here are two resources to help you know the truth.

Scott Adams systematically debunks the “very fine people hoax”

PragerU video: “The Charlottesville Lie”