Action Items This Week



This week, we are asking you to push out the ideas, videos, articles, etc. that the media and Big Tech is so intent on censoring. And, they are dedicated to censoring the information because they want to win an election. It is scandalous – people will die because they want to win an election. So, it’s up to us to push, push, push this info out.

Watch and Share Our Video, “Ask a Medical Expert.”

Watch and share our Facebook Live event, “Ask a Medical Expert,” from last week where we had doctors answer questions from viewers. Some of your own questions might have been asked and answered!

Note: We also have a short, 3.5 minute clip specifically about unreasonable back to school requirements that you can also watch and share.

Sign and Share the Hydroxychloroquine Letter

We must break through the politicization of Hydroxychloroquine! Lives are at stake, and we cannot sit by and wait any longer. If you haven’t signed the letter yet, please sign it today, and if you have signed it, be sure to share it with others!

Continue to Watch and Share Censored Videos & Ideas

If you have already signed the petition, be sure to share it, and if you have already watched and shared the videos from prior weeks, please share again! There is never “too much” sharing of the ideas that Big Tech and the media want to censor.

Read and Share Links About Kids, Schools, and COVID

Thank you to our friend Phil Kerpen of American Commitment and The Committee to Unleash Prosperity for these links and information.

Sweden and Iceland never closed and had no issues.  And here are the opening dates of all the other countries – all doing fine.

A new document from Phil Kerpen answering some common anti-schooler arguments.

Two interesting European CDC reports on schools. 

  • This one is on testing policy. They DO NOT recommend quarantine or testing of healthy contacts of confirmed positives.  Only alerting parents to watch for symptoms. Read it here.
  • This one is on transmission in schools – they find it is very rare. Read it here.

Make Real Civics Education a Priority Again – Week of August 17th

Keep an eye out every week for a new activity or book or lesson to bring real civics back to our children. Download this week’s lesson as a PDF here.


This week, we will study Winston Churchill’s article, “What Good’s a Constitution?” Read the article as a family, and then use the discussion questions to explore the article further. From Constituting America:


Written soon after Franklin Roosevelt’s Democratic Convention Address of 1936, this article by British statesman Winston Churchill points to the wide gulf between Churchill’s and Roosevelt’s economic views, even if five years later they would forge a close wartime alliance. Beyond their differences on economics, Churchill sees the American Constitution as an enduring source of strength for the American republic, not an obstacle to be overcome.

While Winston Churchill wasn’t American, and we are learning about American civics, his perspective and wisdom about America still offers us so much and helps us to understand the truly special nature of our founding and Constitution. In fact, Hillsdale College has “The Churchill Project,” where you can find more information about Winston Churchill and what he offers students of American civics.

Discussion Questions

Churchill wrote, “I take the opposite view. I hold that governments are meant to be, and must remain, the servants of the citizens.” What does this mean today, and do we still think of government as the servant of the citizens? Why or why not?

How has the pandemic changed that view?

How do the Great Depression and the pandemic downturn resemble each other in terms of government responses?


Read “What Good’s a Constitution?”

Hillsdale College’s “The Churchill Project”.