This week, our call to action is about using the Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization bill as the vehicle to ensure that colleges and universities that accept federal money are protecting free speech on campus and being held accountable when they don’t. Listed below the action items are links to suggested reading materials, which I highly recommend you read so that you are fully informed about this topic.

Note that we urge you to complete these action items on Monday or Tuesday – as early in the week as you are able, as there will be meetings about this topic held at the White House, as well as at House and Senate offices on Monday and Tuesday, April 29-30.

Call to Action #1

Call your Representative and both of your Senators to tell them you want accountability measures added to the HEA reauthorization that will ensure free speech on American higher education campuses. There is a script just below that you may use when you call. Also, feel free to copy and paste the script and email that to your friends who care about this issue as well.


Call Script

Note that this script works for Republicans and Democrats, and for both Representatives and Senators.

Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I live in [city, state]. I am calling today to urge [name of elected official] to reform the Higher Education Act in the upcoming reauthorization so that the HEA actually protects freedom of speech on college campuses. Specifically, the HEA must cease rewarding public colleges for violating the First Amendment. Public institutions with restrictive speech zones and speech codes, discriminatory treatment of religious student groups, and other policies and practices that violate the First Amendment must be stripped of eligibility for federal student loans and grants. The enforcement of such penalties must comply with all existing law. Private colleges should also make all speech and association policies transparent and open to the public, as a condition of eligibility for Title IV loans and grants. Students should be fully informed about private institutions’ speech climates before they choose to enroll. A recent McLaughlin & Associates poll showed 73 percent approval for a presidential order to protect campus free speech. Democrats and Republicans must join together to include free speech protections in the new HEA. Thank you.

Call to Action #2

Post about this issue on social media using the ready-to-use social media graphic and text that we have created for you, found below.

Simply download the graphic to your computer and upload it to your accounts, making sure to copy and paste the text as well before you post.

Tell Congress to enforce protections of free speech when they reauthorize the Higher Education Act. #ProtectFreeSpeech #ReformHEA


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