This Week's Action Items


Please continue to pray for our country, our leaders, and the world.


Sign up for the 2020 Patriot Project. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is getting ready to launch the 2020 Patriot Project, a Get Out The Vote project. Volunteers will be able to hand sign postcards to Trump-only voters in critical states and districts that must come out to vote for President Trump again in order for him to win.

Sign and share our letter to President Trump if you haven’t signed it already. The letter thanks him for his leadership and lets him know that the American people support his effort to get Americans back to work in a safe and responsible manner, as quickly as possible! You can share the letter on social media and over email (or only over email if you don’t do social media).

Sign up for the Great American Reopening coalition if you haven’t yet. We are adjusting the name of the coalition (we called it Save Our Country last week) because Save Our Country will actually be just one project of the coalition. We want to be able to incorporate all of the related projects under one umbrella. So, if you had already signed up for the anti-impeachment coalition earlier in the year, or you signed up for “Save Our Country” last week – you are already signed up for the Great American Reopening Coalition. 

After hearing from you and other supporters about whether or not to support and/or help organize protests against state and local governments for their overreach, we will move forward in support of them. In some places, protests have just taken place. In other places, there are protests already planned, and in others, there are supporters that want to organize protests. We will support those already organized, to help get the word out; we will support those that wish to organize in any way that we can. Below, you can find a list of protests already organized.


Friday, May 1, 2020
1:30 PM
200 W. Washington st. Indianapolis, IN 46204


Friday, May 1, 2020
1-3 PM
410 Legislative Ave, Dover, DE 19901-3624


Saturday, May 2 2020
12 PM
107 N Main St, Concord, NH 03303