Important Update

After hearing from you and other supporters about whether or not to support and/or help organize protests against state and local governments for their overreach, we will move forward in support of them. In some places, protests have just taken place. In other places, there are protests already planned, and in others, there are supporters that want to organize protests. We will support those already organized, to help get the word out; we will support those that wish to organize in any way that we can. Below, you can find a list of protests already organized.


Friday, May 1, 2020
1-3 PM
410 Legislative Ave, Dover, DE 19901-3624

This Week's Action Items


Please continue to pray for our country, our leaders, and the world.


Contact your Representative and Senators to tell them, (1) you support President Trump’s efforts to responsibly and safely reopen the economy, and (2) NO STATE BAILOUTS in recovery funds. Read this article first, to understand what blue states are trying to get from the federal government. You can try calling your elected officials or using their online contact forms on their official websites.


Sign and share our letter to President Trump if you haven’t signed it already. The letter thanks him for his leadership and lets him know that the American people support his effort to get Americans back to work in a safe and responsible manner, as quickly as possible! You can share the letter on social media and over email (or only over email if you don’t do social media).


Sign up for a new coalition called, Save Our Country Coalition! The Save Our Country Coalition leadership includes Steve Moore, Jenny Beth Martin and Tea Party Patriots Foundation, FreedomWorks Foundation, Cleta Mitchell, ALEC’s Lisa Nelson, and Brent Bozell of Media Research Center.

You can read the 5 principles guiding the work of the coalition here. You can expect to receive emails from the coalition with facts and messaging that will help you push back against the left’s attempts to sabotage President Trump and America, as the President tries to reopen the economy and get Americans back to work. Please note that this coalition and the President are calling for a responsible plan that will allow people to support their families again, while at the same time protecting the most at-risk individuals. We believe both are important!