Financial expert: Entitlement spending by 2019 will eclipse tax revenue

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The U.S. is experiencing one of the longest economic recoveries since the 1960s and could be teetering on recession, as interest on our debts continue to accrue and as entitlement spending continues to balloon over the next three years. Forbes has the commentary: The weakest recovery in modern history has stretched on for 69 months……

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Congressman: ‘This could be the bill of the century’

A first-term congressman from Georgia is endeavoring to walk back the years of profligate spending in Washington, D.C. with a constitutional amendment that would require Congress to balance the budget within 10 years of ratification. The Daily Signal has the details: “The only way we can control spending in Congress in today’s free-spending era is…

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Congressman: Cut Congress’ pay every year till budget balanced

Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) is hoping to light a fire under Congress in order to motivate his colleagues to (finally!)  rein in out-of-control spending, having introduced a bill that would cut the pay of members of Congress bit by bit until the federal budget is balanced. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier has the details: “It could…

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