TPPCF Praises Big Conservative Wins in Senate, Calls for GOP Leadership Change in the House


“We are proud Senate Republicans won a solid victory and will remain in control of the Senate. We will rely on Senate Republicans, along with President Trump, to rein in the extremism we are likely to see in the House. As for the House, we are disappointed in the outcome, but proud of the campaigns our endorsed candidates ran. Republicans lost control of the House because of a lack of leadership – though President Trump worked hard to deliver on the promises he made, the Republican Congress failed to pass crucial legislation to truly repeal ObamaCare, fund the border wall, reform our broken immigration system, and reduce spending. Instead, too many House Republicans opposed President Trump and his agenda. Consequently, it is clear that it’s time for new leadership for House Republicans – leadership that will proudly fight to enact President Trump’s Make America Great Again legislative agenda.

“More than 130,000 Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund activists, donors, and volunteers contacted 700,000 Trump voters in more than 400,000 households – they made phone calls, sent text messages, and wrote and mailed letters, urging them to support constitutionally conservative candidates in this crucial election.

“With Democrats in control of the House, Americans will be reminded of the dangers of Nancy Pelosi’s brand of extreme liberalism. She and her fellow liberals will pursue the same failed economic policies voters rejected in 2016 – from higher taxes to more regulations. Pelosi’s majority has also promised to pursue open-borders immigration policies and widespread amnesty for illegal immigrants. We are confident that President Trump and the GOP Senate majority will hold the Democrats in check, and we expect a decisive backlash to the House Democrats’ extremism two years from now.”