TPPCF Blasts Biden’s “Judicial Reform” Proposal


Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin – anticipating this evening’s presidential debate – today criticized Democrat nominee Joe Biden for his latest “judicial reform” proposal and released the following statement:

“’If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Those are words most of us are familiar with, and they’re words most of us live by. Apparently, though, nobody ever taught Joe Biden not to go messing around with things that are working just fine, because his latest so-called ‘judicial reform’ proposal – to establish a bipartisan commission to ‘reform’ the court system, which he says is ‘out of whack’ – is itself broken.

“Joe Biden spent 36 years in the U.S. Senate – including eight years as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee – and another eight years as vice president of the United States. Never once during those years in office did he suggest the court system was ‘out of whack,’ or that it needed ‘reform’ recommendations from a bipartisan commission. 

“We know what’s going on here. Joe Biden refuses to stand up to the radical extremists in his party – including his own ticket-mate, Sen. Kamala Harris – who want to pack the Supreme Court, by adding new, additional seats to be filled with new, liberal justices, so as to dilute the influence of the nine who are already there, and make possible the implementation of a radical agenda. But he doesn’t want America’s voters to know that he’ll agree to pack the Court if he wins the White House and Democrats recapture the Senate. So instead of just telling the truth, he’s hiding behind a ‘reform commission.’ ‘Yeah, a “reform commission,” that’s the ticket,’ I can just hear him saying it now.

“In 12 days, Joe Biden will find out that the American people are on to him. The American people know who’s running the show in the Democrat Party today. We know the radical extremists who run Joe Biden’s party want to pack the Court so they can implement their radical agenda. We’re just not buying. And in 12 days, President Trump will win reelection, the point will be proven, and we’ll all be able to move on to another four years of making America great again.”