TPP Citizens Fund Blasts Biden’s Silence on Woke Mob Blocking Hospital Entrance for Wounded Cops


Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today about Joe Biden’s silence regarding woke mobs. This weekend, a woke mob in Los Angeles blocked the emergency room entrance of a hospital where two wounded cops needed to be admitted after an ambush shooting. 

“Biden’s silence on woke mobs is creating an atmosphere of violence that is unacceptable and represents leadership malpractice. Biden waited months to condemn any violence and only did so after his poll numbers dropped. To use an analogy, he’s like a politician who got some bad polling results and only then decided to change his strategy, so now he’s ‘decided’ it’s appropriate to condemn anti-police violence. Biden should condemn the Los Angeles hospital mob and call on Democratic Governors and Democratic Mayors to take action against this unrest.”