Tea Party Patriots urges President Obama to sign Obamacare repeal into law


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement tonight urging the President to sign Congress’ bill repealing most of Obamacare into law.

“Since the modern Tea Party movement began in 2009, one of the biggest issues motivating our grassroots supporters has been the effort to repeal Obamacare. In 2014, Tea Party activists and conservatives, motivated by the goal of repealing Obamacare – and countless promises from candidates they would do so – turned out to the polls in droves and gave the GOP control of the Senate to go with its House majority. Now, Congress has finally sent a bill to President Obama’s desk that repeals as much of Obamacare and its harmful mandates as possible. It’s time for President Obama to decide what is more important: his political legacy or the health and well-being of the American people. Tea Party Patriots hopes President Obama will do the right thing and sign Obamacare repeal into law.”