Tea Party Patriots: Tax Reform Framework Will Lead to “Simpler, Flatter and Fairer” Tax System

Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, reacting to the tax reform framework released by the White House and Congressional Republicans.

“Tea Party Patriots and our network of grassroots activists are excited by the framework President Trump and Republicans in Congress have released for top-to-bottom tax reform. After eight years of a stagnant economy under former President Obama that left too many American families behind, we are confident that fundamental tax reform will help Americans keep more of their hard-earned money, and will also foster an economic environment that will lead to greater job creation and prosperity for all Americans. The framework released by the White House and congressional Republicans will establish a tax system for individuals that is simpler, flatter and fairer, helping to lessen not only the enormous tax burden on Americans, but will also greatly reduce the outrageous compliance costs associated with today’s overly complex code. The framework also makes important changes to our corporate tax system that will make American businesses more competitive, while also encouraging them to bring profits made overseas back to the United States. Tea Party Patriots and our supporters look forward to working with President Trump, his administration and Congress to pass tax reform that will benefit all Americans.”