Tea Party Patriots Supporters Overwhelmingly Want Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement supporting U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for the House Speakership:

“Since the birth of the Tea Party movement, our supporters have consistently demanded two things – that our political leaders keep their promises, and that they act in Washington the way they act back home, when they’re running for reelection. Jim Jordan is one such leader. Over a dozen years in Congress, he has shown that what you see is what you get, that he is the same man in Washington that he is back home. He has demonstrated he has the courage and the spine and the willingness to stand up to the special interests, and even his own party establishment, to keep his word.

“As those who have followed Tea Party Patriots know, we are a grassroots organization. That means we actually take our lead from our supporters. When there’s a legislative or a policy or a political issue to be decided, we ask them what they want us to do.

“Not surprisingly, when we asked them if we should support Jim Jordan’s bid for the Speakership, their response was overwhelmingly positive – in fact, 98.4 percent of the responses we got were positive.

“Consequently, we will be working at the grassroots level to support Rep. Jordan’s campaign for Speaker, and we look forward to working with him in that new role as we continue to push to enact President Trump’s legislative agenda – securing our borders, building the wall, fully repealing ObamaCare, overturning excessive regulation, and cutting taxes to create economic growth.”

Below are some of the statements Tea Party Patriots Action received from its supporters regarding the Jordan bid to be Speaker of the House:

“Jim Jordan is a true, authentic, God-fearing, conservative Republican. He is the only candidate running for Speaker of the House that I can trust to keep his word to me.” – Brian M.

“It is important that we have someone in the Speaker position who will force Congress to help the President with his agenda. But even more important that the next Speaker is someone who is fiscally responsible and supports the Constitution of the United States. We need someone who is working FOR the American people, not for their own self-promotion.” – Christopher R.

“We need a terrier, like Jim, to pursue the Trump agenda in tandem with the president. Jim is combative and articulate, he has brains, and will instill a fighter spirit into most Republicans’ minds. He will focus on the essentials and lead a rapid decision making process and will do all that with a smile.” – John B.

“He’s not a member of the swamp. He’s not afraid to take on the tough challenges with perseverance and truth. He’s a Trump agenda supporter.” – Jerry J.

“I am so tired of the status quo in Washington. I know Jim Jordan will bring real change to the floor of Congress. We need someone who will hold the others in Congress accountable. We really should be getting a lot more done with Trump in office. I support Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker 100 percent.” – Alice D.

“Jim Jordan has been a steadfast upholder of Conservative principles, the US Constitution, and the rule of law. He is strong, tenacious, and passionate in arguing his positions.” – John D.

“He is a fighter and knows and does what is right. He has not lost his sense of obligation to serve his constituency and seems to live in the real world (where the majority of us out here in the hinterlands live).” – Russ H.