Tea Party Patriots Opposes Omnibus Spending Bill



Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in opposition to the latest spending bill that was released last night:

“Tea Party Patriots opposes the latest spending bill to come out of Washington, which will add to our national debt without any plan to balance our budget. Rather than forcing President Obama to consider a real plan to balance our budget in five years and offer our children and grandchildren a debt-free future, the Washington establishment is once again proving they don’t understand the fundamental issues facing our nation. We simply can’t afford to keep adding to our debt, now approaching $19 trillion, and expect the next generation to pick up the tab for our fiscal irresponsibility. The stakes could not be higher heading into 2016 – we must elect leaders at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue who will stop worrying about the next election or their own power and take responsibility for solving our biggest problems and ensuring a debt-free future for all Americans.”