Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Thanks Senator Kennedy for Supporting Kyle Duncan’s Nomination to Fifth Circuit


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today in response to Senator John Kennedy’s (R-LA) announcement he will vote to confirm Kyle Duncan to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“On behalf of our nationwide network of more than three million supporters, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund thanks Senator John Kennedy for supporting Kyle Duncan’s nomination to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. President Trump nominated Kyle Duncan because he is well-qualified and will interpret our Constitution and laws as they were written, like Justice Neil Gorsuch. We call on the full Senate to swiftly move Kyle Duncan and David Stras’ nominations to the floor for a vote so both can be confirmed and get to work on behalf of the American people.”




URL: http://www.teapartypatriotscitizensfund.com/tea-party-patriots-citizens-fund-thanks-senator-kennedy-for-supporting-kyle-duncans-nomination-to-fifth-circuit/