Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Rep. Chip Roy’s Victory in Texas’ 21st Congressional District


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) President Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today congratulating Rep. Chip Roy on his victory in Texas’ 21stcongressional district:  

“On behalf of the millions of members and supporters of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, we congratulate Rep. Chip Roy on his victory in Texas’ 21st congressional district. TPCCF endorsed Chip during his first campaign two years, and, based on the job he did for his constituents, we did so again this cycle.

“Chip has proven himself to be exactly what we hoped he would be – a solid, constitutional conservative, with the courage of his convictions and a determination to make positive change in Washington.

“When we endorsed him two years ago, we said he had ‘the experience, the values, and the character to be an outstanding Member of Congress.’ His first term has proven us right – he has shown he has the experience and the values we thought he had, and he has shown himself to be an outstanding Member of Congress.

“Chip’s first term has demonstrated that – contrary to what the Establishment pols, fixers, and assorted hangers-on will tell you – one need not have established seniority to get things done. Even as a freshman member of the minority party in a legislative body whose rules favor the majority, Chip has demonstrated an ability to break through and push issues to the fore.

“We thank Texas voters for making the right choice, and we are thrilled to continue working with Chip going forward.”