Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Chip Roy on Qualifying for Run-Off in Texas 21


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement congratulating Chip Roy on qualifying for the May 22 run-off in Texas’ 21st Congressional district.

“Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund congratulates Chip Roy on beating a large field of candidates to qualify for the run-off in Texas’ 21st congressional district. We are proud to have endorsed Chip because he is a trusted conservative who will stand with us on key issues including illegal immigration, Obamacare, Common Core, and federal spending. We need strong conservatives like Chip who can be trusted to keep their promises once they arrive in Congress and help President Trump ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, DC. Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund urges voters in Texas’ 21st congressional district to rally behind Chip Roy in the run-off on May 22nd.”