Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Blasts Reported Congressional Budget Deal


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, responding to reports that Congress is close to a 2 year budget deal.

“When will our so-called ‘Republican leaders’ ever learn to stick by their promises and previous statements? Republicans in Congress should step away from Chuck Schumer’s negotiating table and work to pass a budget that balances by making tough choices and eliminates our more than $20 trillion in debt. Anything less would be an abandonment of their promises to the American people.

“It’s really not that hard — as the Penny Plan (endorsed by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi, among others) demonstrates, all Congress would have to do is spend one penny less next year on every dollar of federal spending than they did this year. Surely, even Congress can find a way to spend a single penny less. And if they can’t, perhaps it’s time for a new Congress.”