Tea Party Patriots “Cautiously Optimistic” About Senate Reconciliation Bill


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots CEO Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today regarding the latest developments in Senate Republicans’ efforts to repeal much of Obamacare in the reconciliation bill:

“Given the latest reports about the reconciliation bill we are cautiously optimistic. Indications the Senate Republicans are willing to repeal much more of Obamacare than previously thought are encouraging. While we still must see the final legislation the Senate will bring to the floor for a vote, if the reports are true and the Senate intends to repeal as much of Obamacare as the rules will allow, it is a step in the right direction and we feel it is crucial that Congress take a stand against President Obama as reports of Obamacare’s failures come out almost every week. Tea Party Patriots and our network of grassroots activists will be watching carefully to ensure congressional Republicans keep the promises they made to the American people.”