Tea Party Patriots Applaud President Trump for Taking Action to Provide Relief From ObamaCare


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, applauding President Trump for taking action to provide Americans relief from the burdens of ObamaCare.

“Tea Party Patriots applauds President Trump for taking action to give American families relief from ObamaCare at a time when Senator McConnell and other so-called ‘leaders’ in his party have utterly failed to keep their biggest promise to the American people. We continue to believe that every single word of ObamaCare must be repealed and we appreciate President Trump using his powers to provide as much relief from it as he can while Senate Republicans fail to keep their promise. President Trump’s actions only serve to underscore why every single member of the Senate GOP leadership should immediately resign and make way for new leaders who are committed to keeping their word to the American people.”