Press Release: Tea Party Condemns President’s Abuse of Power


January 28, 2014

Tea Party Condemns President’s Attempt to

Usurp Power from Congress

Demands Congress Rein in Excess

ATLANTA, GA— Today, Tea Party Patriots blasted President Barack Obama for using his fifth State of the Union address to suggest his plan to bypass Congress through the use of executive action if Congress stands in his way.

“To hear talk of building on the ‘success’ of using the pen and phone in 2013 by acting unilaterally in 2014 if Congressional Republicans don’t fall into line is a mockery to our form of government,” said Jenny Beth Martin, Co-founder and President of Tea Party Patriots. “The three branches of government were designed to be equal so that they could check and balance one another, yet the President seems intent on making our great country into an oligarchy, and that cannot stand.

“When a president deliberately ignores the 535 elected federal representatives and cuts them out of the decision-making process in order to impose his singular will on the people of the country, there can be no ‘equality’ because we have become subjected to his rule. It is the Constitutionally-demanded role of Congress, the Representatives of the people, to write the laws and control the power of the purse—not the Executive branch. Apparently when the President said ‘yes WE can,’ he really meant ‘yes I can.’

In 2007, under President George W. Bush, The New York Times editorialized that “defending Congressional authority should not be a partisan issue.  The founders wanted a strong Congress because they understood the importance of ensuring that the most democratic branch have a strong say in how the nation is run.”

“The Founders intentionally designed restrictions of government in the Constitution and placed power in the hands of a sovereign American people and their duly-elected representatives,” continued Mrs. Martin.  “The use of executive action, rather than the normal legislative process to affect change is not the ‘change we can believe in.’ Politicians in Washington have failed to honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution and have failed to represent the American people. Tea Party Patriots is focused on returning that balance of power and place it back in the hands of the people.  We call on Members of Congress to take back their authority and return this country to the greatness that stems from a divided government.”

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