Jenny Beth Martin: Congress should investigate DHS whistleblower’s claims



Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today urging Congressional Republicans to fulfill their oversight obligation in the wake of a whistleblower’s revelations about DHS shutting down an investigation into radical Islamists over concerns about political correctness. Former DHS official Philip Haney claims he oversaw a program investigating radical Islamic organizations which were tied to both terrorists in the San Bernardino attacks.

“Disclosures by a former official with President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security that Obama Administration officials shut down a program which could have potentially provided information about the San Bernardino terrorists before the attacks occurred over concerns about political correctness are alarming and the American people deserve answers. Even worse, the Administration went beyond shutting down the program and erased the data collected by the program to that point, wiping out valuable information DHS already had on radical Islamists.

“These newest revelations make it abundantly clear there’s no reason for the American people to have any confidence in those at that the top who are charged with keeping our country safe and secure. And this is what we’ve just learned over the last few days, what more do we not know about what is obviously a complete breakdown among agencies who are supposed to protect us?  Congressional Republicans must press for a full accounting in fulfilling their oversight obligation, Jeh Johnson should resign immediately or be fired by President Obama.  People are scared, they know there is no security, because our leaders have failed us and innocent Americans have lost their lives as a result.”