Citizens Fund Slams Biden for Supporting “Shutting Down” Economy if Scientists Recommend That


ATLANTA, GA – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement, slamming Joe Biden for supporting “shutting down” the economy in order to “control the virus” if scientists recommended that:

“Joe Biden just disqualified himself from serving as our president. With his statement that he would shut down the economy if the scientists told him to do so, he reveals his weakness. Faceless bureaucrats with no accountability to the citizens of our country have no authority to make such decisions; empowering them to do so would be wrong on its face. Worse, his statement indicates a mistaken belief that a president has the power and authority to shut down the country if he so desires.

“The so-called ‘experts’ would have us hiding in our homes until a vaccine is approved and proven to be 100% effective, which could be years from now. President Trump understands this. Biden, on the other hand, would rather send us into a long-term depression if it meant having to overrule the ‘experts’ and show real leadership. We need to stay the course with President Trump. We can’t afford Biden’s disastrous ideas.”

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