Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Russ Fulcher on His Victory in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District

Atlanta, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement congratulating Russ Fulcher on his victory in Idaho’s 1st congressional district.

“Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund congratulates Russ Fulcher on his victory in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. Russ supports tax cuts as the engine of economic growth, and he supports the Penny Plan – a budget framework which calls for spending just one penny less out of every federal dollar spent for five years to balance the budget. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and opposes more restrictive gun laws. He agrees with President Trump that we need immigration reform that ends chain migration and the visa lottery, and he opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants. We thank Idaho voters for voting to send Russ to Washington, D.C.”


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