In Part 1, we reviewed Rep. Lungren’s (R-CA3) legislative leadership on repealing Obamacare. Robert Ehlert, a member of Rep. Lungren’s Gold River office staff, promised to obtain a brief overview of the Congressman’s perspectives regarding the repeal bill HR 21, “Reclaiming Individual Liberty Act” from their legislative analyst in Washington D.C. H.R. 21 would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the mandate that individuals purchase health insurance.

During the next six weeks Mr. Ehlert apologized for delays in their response implying the analyst was too busy to provide this constituent service.

Finally, the HR 21 response arrived by email: “…[Rep Lungren] has been a leading resounding voice calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act….”. Other than his big HR 4 victory, there was no mention of Rep. Lungren’s other repeal activities in his website’s print archive.

The response continues: “…The Congressman signed on to an amicus brief, filed in the current U.S. Supreme Court health care reform case….in the event [the Court] finds certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act to be unconstitutional, the brief asks the Supreme Court to consider whether the Court should sever the constitutional portions of the Affordable Care Act from the unconstitutional provisions or instead strike down the entirety of the law.”

A copy of the amicus brief was not provided nor could it be found on the Congressman’s official website. Fortunately, the American Bar Association website confirms that both Reps. Lungren and McClintock were listed. Text available at

The Congressman’s staff failed to explain his position on HR 21. It appears it may not be an easy task to constructively engage with Rep. Lungren’s staff when the topic strays away from their standard talking points.

In addition, the analyst’s response pointed to a completely passive “wait and see” approach, apparently in alignment with that of House Speaker Boehner’s inaction on Obamacare given the huge backlog of repeal bills.

Rep. Lungren will be running for office in the newly remapped 7th Congressional District which comprises the communities of Herald, Elk Grove, Wilton, Rancho Murieta, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Orangevale, Gold River, and Folsom.

According to Jared Kopp, Executive Director for the Sacramento County Republican Party), “…I haven’t heard of any Republican candidates running against Rep. Lungren in June but Democrat Dr. Ami Bera has promised to run against him again….it was a close race last time”. Dr. Ami Bera’s website advocates for a healthcare delivery system which appears similar to Obamacare.

If Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli is correct, time is running out to indirectly influence the U.S. Supreme Court by demonstrating a House momentum on repeal bills. Obamacare may become the permanent law of the land unless Tea Parties get assertive with their representatives in the coming weeks.

Submitted on 2/15/12 by:

Sue Hokana
Tea Party Patriot Citizen Journalist

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