Today’s the day! It’s the House Party event you’ve all been waiting for! Today, over 2,000 grassroots Americans are going to bring friends and family over to watch The Determinators, the Tea Party Patriots-produced film about the coming effects of the President’s health care law.

Today’s also the day after the second of three Presidential debates, where the two candidates squared off on jobs, health care, the economy, and many other issues. Yet again, President Obama showed his opposition to free markets and patient-centered care, sticking with his ideologically-flawed health care law.

In light of the debate, and the launch of The Determinators at House Parties everywhere, we’re asking you to help us out a little more today.  The full length film is now available online. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet we encourage you to do so. Once you have seen it we are confident that you will be compelled to share it with your family and friends and we highly encourage you to do so. We believe this film exposes the consequences of the government takeover of our health care in a way that is easy for the American people to understand. This law just simply is not right for America and we are running out of opportunities to stop it.

Go to to watch the full length film and share it with your friends today!