Over the last several decades, China has emerged as the greatest rival to the United States on the international stage. Under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), this adversary has grown its economy to become the second-largest in the world, surpassed only by that of the United States.

The CCP has accomplished this, at least in part, by engaging in massive theft of intellectual property from its business partners. When U.S. businesses engage in China, many are required to share their intellectual property with their Chinese counterparts as a condition of doing business. Others simply have their intellectual property stolen.

In addition, the CCP engages in massive human rights violations against its own citizens. The government represses religious minorities. The government engages in ethnic cleansing. The government operates forced labor camps, and uses slave labor to produce manufactured goods.

That’s wrong. That’s not free trade, and it’s not fair trade. It’s not the American way.


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