Thank you for making the commitment to organize or attend a 'United We Stand' sign-waving event on June 29th! We chose the theme 'United We Stand' in honor of Independence Day, as well as to stand firmly against the divisiveness of ideologies like Critical Race Theory. Americans want to be united as Americans, not divided by race or gender, or other characteristics.

Sign-waving events are super easy, and we also have a helpful how-to guide for you to use to make it extra easy to organize.

A sign-waving isn't a rally. A sign-waving can be one person on an overpass or on a busy corner! There are no speakers, no stages, no costs, and they don't have to be huge. Just you and a few friends or your family, a busy corner or street or overpass, and some homemade signs. We will include sign suggestions in the guide as well. Please consider signing up to organize a sign-waving so that others have an event to attend. Finally, the more the merrier! If someone is holding a sign-waving in your area, but in a different location or at a different time, that's great! We want this message out as far and wide as we can get it, so let's get as many going as we can!

Please also share this form with like-minded friends who you think would like to sign wave for America and supports ’United We Stand!‘

Commit to Organize or Attend a 'United We Stand' Sign Waving on June 29th

Remember, a sign waving can literally just be you and another person with homemade signs and flags out for a couple of hours! It's easy!

Please leave your cell phone number so we have alternate means to communicate should we run into Big Tech censorship.