Dear Member of Congress:

On behalf of the three million members, supporters, and activists of Tea Party Patriots Action, I urge you to oppose earmarks. Just because other members of the House of Representatives have decided to throw in their lot with the big spenders does not mean you have to. Your constituents – who grow increasingly worried about the tens of trillions of dollars of debt we are racking up – are certainly hoping you will not join the big-spending bandwagon.

To help Americans understand more easily who’s on their side in the fight against reckless spending, we at Tea Party Patriots Action have created a “No Earmark Pledge.” It reads as follows:

As government spending grows, individual liberty shrinks. Earmarks, federal spending allocations for pet projects, fuel corruption and spending growth.

I, ________, pledge to the constituents of the ________ district of the State of ________ and to all Americans that I will not request any funding considered a congressional earmark or any “member-directed community funding” project.

We plan to promote this No Earmark Pledge through our nationwide grassroots network, and we’ll be communicating with your constituents to let them know whether you’ve signed it or not.

Please, take a firm stand against earmarks. Your constituents – and future generations – will thank you.