Running for Local Office

As part of our effort to defend our republic, we want to help American patriots who are willing to step up and run for local office get the training they need to be successful.

Local offices include everything from the state legislature to library boards and school boards, to city councils, health boards, and county commissions, etc. (whatever they may be called in your area) – anything state or local.

Why should you run for local office?

If you’ve never thought about running for local office, and wonder why you should consider it, think about this: who has had the most power over your daily life since Covid hit?

Answer: Health boards, school boards, city councils, etc. In many cases, they’re the ones who advised lockdowns, forced businesses to close, forced children to stay home or wear masks at school, and so on.

Another question. Who is in charge of content in the children’s section at the library? Answer: The library board.

Furthermore, one of the only remaining defenses we have against Washington, D.C. – which is under total control of radical leftists – is to reinforce our local and state governments with strong constitutionalists who will stand firm against the swamp and the Deep State in D.C.

That means that regular, everyday citizens need to step up and run, and we want to train you if you make the decision to do so.

Please fill out our survey to let us know if you are interested in running for local office, and if so, in which election cycle you would want to run.

Running for local office is a critical tool in the freedom-loving American’s toolbelt, and we need to use it.

Fill out your survey today and let’s defend our republic!