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In the early 1600’s, the societies of Europe were the earth’s intellectual leaders. Their idea of improving societal growth was taxes and religious restrictions. Rewarding self achievement was non-existent.

People wanting to climb a ladder of success, that didn’t exist, finally packed up and fled to the new world. They knew they might die but the desire for freedom and a chance to establish their own destiny was more important than living under a system where every aspect of their life was dependent on rulers or educators promoting government philosophy.

The desire for freedom of religion and self reliance founded today’s America and became the greatest experiment in self reliance and human freedom ever established on earth. Later, they sent their sons to die in two wars, on the same lands they had fled. After the wars, they cheered while rebuilding the war-torn cities.

The American spirit of freedom started to fade when President Johnson, a Democrat, committed troops to the Vietnam War. Many of the American youth became flower children and demonstrations much like the ‘OWS’ (Occupy Wall Street) of today dominated the news. Flag-burning and spitting on the military were the images seen on world-wide TV, also promoted by Hollywood and supported by educators.

Respect for American leadership suffered greatly with Nixon’s Watergate and Clinton’s definition of ‘is’, but nothing was as damaging to our Republic as the ‘hanging chad’ debacle.

The process of American free elections is now seen as a world-wide lie. It has been discredited by a political party’s desire to win. Machines without a paper trail have replaced paper ballots. The Socialists are fighting to make identification requirements for voting illegal and the current Attorney General is defending their actions. ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has falsified voting records and the Black Panthers have been given poll-watching privileges by Attorney General Eric Holder who refuses to prosecute them for intimidating people arriving at a polling place.

Will history repeat itself? You bet it will when you have college-level educators teaching government spin to our youth and offering encouragement to demonstrators with a disregard for the rights of others.

Deficits have caused job eliminations in many American state governments. In Georgia, under the leadership of Secretary of State Brian Kemp, offices with personnel doing the same work were merged. Many positions were eliminated and some offices completely closed, coming close to a balanced budget (Washington needs to talk to Kemp.) In Wisconsin, the teachers who see the benefit of Governor Scott Walker’s actions are being persecuted by the teacher’s union. It is so severe that some have resigned.

The Political elite spin ‘tax the rich’ then they support the payroll tax holiday which depletes the Social Security trust fund, already bankrupt. They brag about the three percent increase in 2012 Social Security payments to seniors. A vote-getting gimmick that depletes the Social Security reserves by five percent. Then they spin, ‘Republicans are trying to destroy Social Security.’

The town hall meetings dealing with the salvation of the American system are rarely attended by the political elite. They would rather sit in their ivory tower and support regulations that stop projects like the oil pipeline from Canada, and support regulations that potentially destroy the American economy. The American Constitutional government and capitalistic system is the only salvation for self-reliance and the world economy.

If the Political elite have their way, Obama will win another four years, unless the Constitutional conservatives wake up and counter the class warfare of Obama. Obama will spin the payroll tax by saying the Republicans fought a tax break for the middle class when in fact it greatly affects benefits for the retired seniors. His drums will beat even harder for redistribution of wealth by ‘taxing the rich.’

If history repeats, will self reliant, God-fearing, family-oriented families have somewhere to migrate?

by Bob Frey – This article first appeared in the Dawson News & Advertiser on Jan 4, 2012.
Bob Frey is a member of the Dawson County Tea Party and local coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.