Why run against Norm Dicks – or suggest doing so?
By Larry Killion, Tea Party Patriot Citizen Journalist

Over the past several years many voters have become more and more concerned about the direction America is going. It is encouraging to see in movements like the Tea Party that people are getting stirred up and getting involved. If only more would have heard the Dicks Cloud Debate in Sequim back before the last election. Many there believed Doug won the debate but  he lost the election. That is no surprise to most folks when we consider the zombie like fashion in which most of the drones of the Evergreen State go to the polls after drinking in the slanted media coverage they are force fed. They are told repeatedly by The News Tribune things like: 1. Dicks not only will be re-elected – he should be. 2. Dicks has been elected and re-elected for a reason. 3. Dicks is still a keeper. Read more here.

The longevity of Norm Dicks, 70, has become an item of humor for political pundits and the assumption that it is a waste of time to consider anyone else for the job is often presented as if it were indisputable. This could be a dangerous mind set for the Democrats. There are some hungry Republicans that would love to prove them wrong on this point and the Democrats would do well to start grooming someone to try and fill the big shoes of their hero. As more Americans begin to tire of a tax and spend government, candidates that are more fiscal conservative in their thinking will be more attractive at the polls.

Doug Cloud took on Congressman Dicks in the last election and for the first time in a long time voters started to hear something other than the status quo. Listen to how Paul Gottlieb of the Peninsula Daily News describes things at the Dicks Cloud Debate in Sequim. “Jeers, clapping and boos punctuated the first and possibly only all-issues forum of the general-election season between 17-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, a Democrat, and his perennial challenger, Republican Doug Cloud. With Cloud’s words often cheered and clapped– despite moderator Cathy Claney’s admonition against such demonstrations and her threat to cut the debate short — Cloud said he wanted to “Urge dependence more on individual initiative.”

Cloud continued, “I intend to try to get this country moving again and out of the habit of looking to sugar daddies in Washington.” Cloud hammered at Dicks for voting “99 percent of the time” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. The candidates also differed sharply on the health care reform legislation Congress passed known as Obama-care. Asked about the Second Amendment, Cloud called the Constitution one of the most perfect documents ever written. The Second Amendment’s stating the right to bear arms, he said, was formed as a check against government, “to keep us from being subservient when that government grows wicked.” Dicks responded that he supports hunting for sport. Read more about the debate here.