“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

Little did Benjamin Franklin know that his warning would be picked up by the left as the most successful political tactic in recorded history. That part of the Democrat playbook is even more popular than the “Call Your Opponent a Racist” section. Potentially productive Americans have been convinced that they deserve part of the earnings of those who are more “fortunate.” That mindset has nearly brought down the economy of the entire Western world.

The entitlement class will always vote for the candidate who promises them more money. These people will always be the left’s solid voting base. Conservatives can say nothing to convince them to vote for a candidate who will give them less free money.

We believe the right has a solid base, also. But is anyone immune from this warning that Franklin gave us about basic human motivation? The left is making a bold play for a voting bloc that has always been safe and taken for granted by the right: The military.

At the Democratic National Convention they touted their support for the military. How could the Obama Administration de-fund the military, apologize to military enemies for the sacrificial actions of our heroes, and then pretend to be a friend to our military members? Despite my years as a student of human behavior, I find myself bewildered by the cavalier audacity I see in politics today. Moreover, I find my self awed that the voting public often laps it all up like they were served ice cream, instead of a load of hooey. After a recent discussion, I realize again that no matter how audacious, their tactics are working.

I was taken aback when speaking to a group of people consisting of a married couple who met years ago while stationed together in San Diego. After listening to me rant about President Obama and his failed progressive policies, these two retired Navy veterans spoke up. “We can’t complain. Obama has taken care of our family.” They went on to explain how the government is now paying for their kids’ college tuition and they attribute that to the President and the Democrat congress.

What kind of morally depraved politician would attempt to “buy off” our military heroes? Surprisingly, these military veterans who disagree with Obama on almost every issue from abortion, to foreign enemy apologies, to second Amendment rights, fall thankful to an administration that takes credit for giving them stuff that Republicans would simply never give.

The Navy Veteran I spoke with was right. Republicans would be cutting programs, if they had the power to do so, and putting the money back in the hands of the taxpayers so that the economy can recover, as it did under Reagan after Carter. So Republicans must ask themselves what they have to offer those who have learned to look to the Democrats for free stuff in these tough times. Who can blame a dad who has served his country, put his life on the line, found himself in a horrible economy and could not otherwise afford to put his kids through college? How do Republicans message the depravity of a country that hands out free stuff to enslave its people? It sounds so extreme. It is extreme. That is why it is difficult to message, regardless of its validity.

Do not dismiss this play for military voters as a useless exercise as I did at first. The Democrat playbook works. It never changes and is totally predictable. They will continue to buy votes with our money because it works.

Luckily, our playbook works, too… when we use it. How do we counter this play by the left? Speak boldly and call out their dishonorable tactics. That rule is on page one of the “how to win” playbook that the Republicans will have to be vocal about if they want to win in November.

But it is a tougher sell that must be delivered in doses.

Teaching the American public that they have their head in a guillotine as they try to reach for the free stuff offered them by those who would control them is heady stuff. It’s a hard sell. It will require the Republicans man up and deliver a manly message about sacrifice, tough love, fearless confrontation of lies, blood, toil, and tears, and not taking the easy way out.

This is further complicated by the fact that Romney has demonstrated he is not willing to have these tough talks with American people. That leaves it on the backs of those who “get it.”

Our book, “Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on a Revival of Honor” discusses in depth how to approach those who might be resistant to a message they don’t want to hear. Avoid commiserating with others who agree with you, and accept that you will make enemies, both liberal AND conservative, in this journey. Count them jewels in your crown! Next, remember to “speak the truth in love,” but to speak to those who might not want to listen at first. Last, always remember all that has been sacrificed so that we could have this great Country in the first place, and start there. The important thing is to start.

Time is waning, and the GOP establishment is not going to do it for anyone. The next election is in the hands of patriots who know their history, and are willing, like our Founders to sacrifice life, fortune, and sacred honor for all that is American.

Originally posted at Politichicks