The election is over. Most Americans have gone back to their lives. Meanwhile, the tough battles of 2012 aren’t over, so Tea Party Patriots is making sure you’re ready to fight.

Over the next seven weeks, Congress has three major issues coming down the pike. First is sequestration, which would reduce the growth of spending. Second is hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes. Third is the farm bill, which has been held up in the House.

Unfortunately, as is typical, Washington wants to avoid its responsibilities with all three of these forthcoming debates. Sequestration – related to the Budget Control Act – is likely to be overturned. If Congress can’t look at reducing spending by less than 8% of the budget in 2013, how can we count on it to actually do its job and balance the budget?

Taxes, of course, are a major issue. Speaker Boehner has said tax increases are on the table, something Tea Party Patriots finds totally unacceptable. Washington already takes too much of our money. All other taxes set to go up at the end of this year should stay at their current levels, setting the stage for legitimate tax reform next year, not more tax dollars for politicians to waste.

Finally, the farm bill – which spends $20 billion on farm subsidies and $80 billion on food stamps each year for five years – should not pass. We spend too much on social welfare as it is, and the food stamp program has grown immensely, even outside of the recent recession, in the last 12 years.

Once the new Congress convenes, it will have to deal with the coming debt ceiling debate – should America endure another hike or not? Should we continue to allow Washington to spend at levels never seen in the history of the world or not?

We’ll have more details as the debates get closer, but this is an official heads-up that the tough battles aren’t over. Thanks for staying in the fight.