With the election only days away, the polls are still saying this election is a toss-up. The future of America hangs in the balance with the results of November 6th! Have you done all you can? Will you do more?

Tea Party Patriots is working very hard educating independent voters on the importance of free-market principles, limited government and individual liberties. Tea Party Patriots sent thousands of DVDs of the movie The Determinators to independent voters in the all-important swing states. The Determinators tells the dangers of the destruction ObamaCare will bring if it is not repealed. These independent voters must be called and encouraged to vote accordingly.

We need you to call 25 independent voters in swing states each day. The Tea Party Patriot ‘Call From Home’ program is easy to use and we even provide you a script to read. The ‘Call From Home’ program is also very effective but we need more callers!

Here’s a quick video that explains how easy and effective the Call From Home program is!

Also, if you make only 60 calls, you’ll receive a free t-shirt courtesy of Tea Party Patriots! Plus, each call you make gives you one ticket for a drawing for two Apple iPads!! The more calls you make, the better your chances to win!

Please sign up by clicking HERE. Don’t wake up November 7th wishing you had done something. Now is the time! And we need YOUR help! Thank you!