Will This Be Your Last Independence Day?

July Fourth.

Independence Day.

Normally we celebrate this day and enjoy our freedom. This year we cannot sit back and rest with BBQ during the day and fireworks at night.

This year – this week starting today – we must fight for our independence. If we do not fight now, we may never be free again to celebrate Independence Day.

As it stands, we have one party that wants to trample our freedom and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal of a massive government takeover of our lives. We have another party that is afraid to take a stand and wrings its hands saying there are problems, but never corrects the problems.

The burden of protecting our Constitution, and America’s independence, is on our shoulders. This week’s Supreme Court decision reinforces the fact that We the People must defend our Liberty. Americans have known this from the moment Benjamin Franklin walked out of Constitution Hall and replied to the lady who asked what form of government we got, “a republic, madam, if you can keep it.” We must keep our republic.

Our country is in grave danger. Some are trying to sugarcoat our problems. They are not being honest or worse they simply do not understand how serious the situation truly is.

You deserve the truth. Most of you reading this know the truth already: we are headed toward economic collapse because of out-of-control spending on out-of-control government programs. The ruling elites control more of our lives than ever before. Some citizens do not understand how precious and rare and fragile our freedom is. Others know what is a risk, what could become our future, and are scared, angry, and left wondering what to do.

We have college students in this country who think that anarchy is the answer. 49% of Americans do not pay taxes and want those who do pay taxes and do support the country to support these “takers” as though they were dependent children, not independent Americans. Our country is divided and the ruling elites think these divisions will help them secure even more power and control over us. They don’t seem to care that the risky game they are playing by dividing America on race, gender and class could have harmful and even history-altering ramifications for the great “melting pot” of America.

In the face of these threats and assaults on our Liberty from America’s ruling elites, Tea Party Patriots have stood firm for our core values: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. Our values, and our strength in numbers, brought the largest turnover in Congress in decades, stopped the Wisconsin recalls, educated our fellow citizens that the affordable health care act was anything but affordable, increased awareness and understanding of the Constitution across America, and stopped cap and trade.

But our work is not done. Now, more than ever, we must stand up and save our country – before it’s too late. Don’t look to the White House, or to Congress, or to the Senate or the Supreme Court. Look in the mirror. It’s up to you. Because you, me, and everyone in the Tea Party Patriots – we are the last people left standing for our country.

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. Your eternal vigilance. Your country needs you now.

Here is what you must do, to save our country, starting right now:

1. Congressmen are going home on vacation to celebrate our Independence. How ironic and sad that week from Independence Day the Supreme Court got it wrong and upheld the biggest government takeover in America’s history. Nevertheless, the Congressmen – Representatives and Senators – will be home over the next 10 days.

2. We need you to call their offices and find out every parade, town hall, civic speaking engagement they plan to attend. If the Congressional office won’t tell you, call the campaign office to get the information. We know the so-called “representatives” love a good photo op on the Fourth of July. They will not be able to help themselves and will gravitate towards cameras and microphones.

3. Let us know where they are going to be so that others in your area can join you to show up everywhere they are over the next 10 days.

4. Find the candidates running against incumbents to let us know where they are as well.

5. When you see them, ask them 2 questions ON VIDEO:
a. “If elected will you repeal government-controlled health care in full in early 2013 so that the taxes increases are not implemented and we maintain control of our doctor-patient decisions?”
b. “If elected will you vote to balance our budget in 5 years without raising taxes and actually have the fortitude to stick to the budgeted spending?”

6. Upload the answers to YouTube and send us a link.

7. Tea Party Patriots will work to compile the results in a scorecard that links to the videos. We cannot create such a scorecard without your help and without every one of us working together to make it happen. We MUST first get the candidates on the record for meeting our demands so that we can hold them accountable beginning on election night.

8. Once they are on the record, we can inform and educate our fellow voters why these legislative goals must be accomplished. Immediately following the elections we will use these promises to hold our elected officials accountable. We did not completely understand how quickly the freshmen could stray in 2011. We do now and we will not let that happen in 2013. It starts with knowing where they stand, what they promise.

What happens if the elected officials or candidates act as if they are better than you and that you do not deserve the respect of an answer? RECORD IT on VIDEO, upload it, and send us the link!

What happens if they tell you they do not want cameras in their town hall? RECORD IT on VIDEO, upload it, and send us the link! We will make them famous.

We are not going away! We will fight and this is our mission for Independence Day week 2012. If you are not willing to do it, you better enjoy your Independence Day because it might be the last one you truly have as free citizens.

It’s up to you to save our country. We are the last Patriots standing. Make this week count – to keep America Independent.

PS. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share after yesterday’s ruling, click here to share them with us.