The last few times I have flown have not been pleasant experiences,
thanks to the TSA!  I was told I was selected for additional screening
like I had won the lottery.  I didn’t do anything to warrant this
extra screening.  Nothing was detected in my luggage or on my person
and I don’t look like a terrorist.  (Oh wait, strike that last part,
it isn’t politically correct!)   I purchased an over-sized sweatshirt
the last time I visited Phoenix because I was cold!!  After passing
through the metal detectors at the airport, I was given a lecture and
a pat down by a very rude TSA employee.  She informed me that her job
would be a lot easier if people wouldn’t wear over-sized clothing.
It doesn’t even matter that the 4th amendment guards against
unreasonable searches and seizures.  The TSA marches on, trampling on
our Constitutionally given rights.

The TSA and airports are not even capable of screening their own
employees.  So, why are we so quick to let them trample on our rights?
 Does the TSA really make people feel safer?  Really?  The TSA has
bullied 4 year old children and grandmas in wheelchairs, but have they
made our airways safer?  I don’t think so.

Earlier this week, Bimbo Olumuyia Oyelwole, a 54 year old Nigerian
national and security supervisor at Newark Liberty Airport was able to
pass work related background checks for 17 years even though he had
stolen the identity of a man that had been murdered two decades
earlier. That’s comforting, TWO DECADES!!!  And this guy was a

In Los Angeles, four TSA employees have been charged for accepting
payment to let large quantities of drugs pass through inspection
points.  Thirty-six TSA employees, including the director were
recently fired for not screening baggage for explosives.  Multiple
news agencies have reported that over 500 TSA employees have been
fired for stealing passengers property since it’s inception.

With all the press of how vulnerable we are at our airports and the
Transportation Security Association (TSA) being created to protect the
nation’s transportation system to ensure freedom of movement for
people and commerce you would think they would at least be able to
screen their own employees!   The current administration has even
announced that the war on terror is over – but the assault on US
citizens at our nation’s airports continues, and has expanded to train
stations and rest stops. Could it be the TSA was created for the purpose
of increasing the size of government and decreasing our rights?

As Americans, I believe it is our duty to insist that this attack on
our liberties be stopped.  It’s time to start writing our government