Congress passed a Obamacare – despite the fact that a majority of Americans have consistently opposed the bill. And now, almost 2 years after the the passage of the bill, the Congressional Budget Office came out with a report that shows it will cost almost TWICE as much as they claimed.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Democrats employed many accounting tricks when they were pushing through the national health care legislation, the most egregious of which was to delay full implementation of the law until 2014, so it would appear cheaper under the CBO’s standard ten-year budget window and, at least on paper, meet Obama’s pledge that the legislation would cost “around $900 billion over 10 years.” When the final CBO score came out before passage, critics noted that the true 10 year cost would be far higher than advertised once projections accounted for full implementation.

Today, the CBO released new projections from 2013 extending through 2022, and the results are as critics expected: the ten-year cost of the law’s core provisions to expand health insurance coverage has now ballooned to $1.76 trillion. That’s because we now have estimates for Obamacare’s first nine years of full implementation, rather than the mere six when it was signed into law. Only next year will we get a true ten-year cost estimate, if the law isn’t overturned by the Supreme Court or repealed by then. Given that in 2022, the last year available, the gross cost of the coverage expansions are $265 billion, we’re likely looking at about $2 trillion over the first decade, or more than double what Obama advertised.

It is NOT too late to put and end to this bill.   Please help us get the word out that a majority of Americans do not want this bill and believe that this bill is Unconstitutional.  There are several things you can do to make sure your voice is heard.

First, join us in Washington DC on March 23 for the Road to Repeal Rally, just days before the Supreme Court will hear arguments on Obamacare.  Visit today to sign up to take a bus to DC or let us know if you will be driving yourself.

Second, you can sign the Virginia Tea Party Patriots “Petition Against Obamacare.”  Sign today to let the Supreme Court know you think the bill is Unconstitutional.