On October 17, thousands of Tea Party activists showed The Determinators at their homes. The first original film from Tea Party Patriots, The Determinators explained how devastating the President’s health care law (AKA Obamacare) will be to America. The film included interviews with experts on American, British, and Canadian health care, and a discussion on the Independent Payment Advisory Board’s (IPAB) rationing capabilities.

For only being out for such a short period of time, The Determinators has garnered a great deal of attention. At the Tea Party Patriots YouTube page, for example, the film has over 350,000 views since October 16. For a film that is slightly over 58 minutes long, this is impressive, and we have the great people who make up the Patriots across the country to thank for that. Tea Party Patriots has also sent 360,000 copies to undecided households in key states, helping uncertain voters realize the full extent to which Obamacare will harm their health care.

The major issues in this year’s election are the economy, the national debt, and health care. The fact is that the American health care system has significant flaws, but rather than fix them, Obamacare exacerbates what is bad and harms what is good. Rationing, tax increases, centralized control of the lives of citizens, and violations of the First Amendment are but the tip of the iceberg with the health care law.

With the Supreme Court having rulesd the law constitutional, it is critical that Americans elect Tea Party-minded officials to federal offices this fall. This is why Tea Party Patriots is launching a new initiative – calling each and every person who received a copy of the film to make sure that person has watched and understood what the film is about. Each call a person makes will enter him or her to receive an iPad, and after 60 calls Tea Party Patriots will send you a free T-shirt.

With politicians launching ad after ad after ad, many Americans find the Tea Party’s focus on principles refreshing. If you haven’t already watched the film, we encourage you to do so. Then reach out to undecided voters and inform them of the devastating effects of Obamacare that will impact our nation unless it is repealed in its entirety.