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With the sweeping 2010 victory in the House, there was some glimmer of hope that Congress would try to get its fiscal house in order, especially with the pledge from Republicans to cut $100 billion in discretionary spending. However, like a reverse auction the amount went from $100 billion to $61 billion to $38.5 billion, which in reality turned out to be $352 million.

Despite the failure to make real, deep cuts in spending, many thought the Republicans would at least draw the line in the sand and take a strong stance against raising the debt ceiling, forcing Congress to make serious spending reductions. As you may remember, according to Zogby, 60% of all voters opposed the raising of the debt ceiling. Sadly, Republicans did not stand with the people and instead, began to negotiate to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for cuts.

As we all now know, the ‘debt ceiling deal’ was no deal for the American people. It granted President Obama the ability to raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion with very little in real cuts, strapping our future generations with a greater debt burden.

Now, several months later, we are back to square one with talks about the need to raise the debt ceiling once again. Of course, the same rhetoric from the Republicans, particularly Speaker Boehner, is being purported.

 “House Speaker John Boehner revived Republicans’ insistence that any increase in the nation’s debt limit be matched by at least as much in spending cuts, positioning his party for a renewed standoff with Democrats over the federal budget.

“Allowing the debt ceiling to go up without addressing our fiscal challenge would be the most irresponsible thing that I could do,” Boehner said in a speech yesterday before a conference in Washington sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.” [1]

Like the boy who cried wolf, the cries of cuts hold little meaning to the point that Democrats in Congress will ignore them and the American people won’t believe them.

In the words of Rush (the band, not the political pundit), “show me, don’t tell me,” Speaker Boehner. It’s at that time we will start listening and believing you.

By Amy Brigthon: Involved in the tea party movement since April 2009, Amy is co-founder and co-coordinator of Medina Tea Party Patriots in Ohio. She is also actively involved in the Wadsworth 9.12 Group. Before her tea party activism, she previously worked as a writer and project manager for an advertising agency.

 [1]: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-15/boehner-demands-spending-cuts-for-any-debt-limit-increase.html