This week, Congressman Paul Ryan was sworn in as the new Speaker of the House. While we have our concerns with Ryan, it was a long fought battle to remove John Boehner as Speaker – going all the way back to 2012. We had two major victories in forcing Boehner to resign and then making Kevin McCarthy pull his name from the Speaker race. For that, we have a lot to be proud of.


Moving forward we are going to do everything we can to hold Speaker Ryan accountable and to do everything in our power to make sure he upholds the promises that he made to House conservatives to reform the House and decentralize the power structure. Make sure you sign our petition to hold Paul Ryan accountable.


Then make sure you thank the following conservative leaders for all they did to help remove John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

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Dave Brat* VA-7 202-225-2815 @DaveBrat
Curtis Clawson* FL-19 202-225-2536 @CurtisClawson
Louie Gohmert* TX-1 202-225-3035 @LouieGohmert
Paul Gosar* AZ-4 202-225-2315 @PaulGosar
Walter Jones* NC-3 202-225-3415 @WalterJones
Thomas Massie* KY-4 202-225-3465 @ThomasMassie
Bill Posey* FL-8 202-225-3571 @BillPosey
Randy Weber* TX-14 202-225-2831 @RandyWeber
Daniel Webster FL-10 202-225-2176 @DanielWebster
Ted Yoho* FL-3 202-225-5744 @TedYoho
Justin Amash$ MI-3 202-225-3831 @JustinAmash
Jim Bridenstine+ OK-1 202-225-2211 @JimBridenstine
Tim Huelskamp+ KS-1 202-225-2715 @TimHuelskamp
Steve King+ IA-4 202-225-4426 @SteveKing
Mark Meadows& NC-11 202-225-6401 @MarkMeadows

*Voted against Paul Ryan for Speaker
^Did not vote for Paul Ryan
$Led fight to remove John Boehner in 2013
+Worked behind the scenes to get as many concessions from Paul Ryan as possible
&Filed the motion to vacate that ultimately forced John Boehner to resign