Fiscally-flailing Government Threatens to Drag American Families over the Cliff

  Today, Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization, issued a DARE and PREDICTION regarding the so-called “fiscal cliff” crisis.

“Government has over-spent America to the edge, and now, wants to tax American workers and businesses while avoiding taking responsibility and actually solving the problem,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots.  “It is a government-inflicted wound on struggling American families.

“It appears, despite the rhetoric, that our government leaders are incapable of cutting government spending, but we have a challenge to the President, the Speaker and all those who are pushing us over the cliff to act now.”

THE DARE (“The Penny Plan”)

Tea Party Patriots dare the government to cut just one penny from each dollar the government spends – this year, next year, and for five years – to balance the budget.  And this time, start the cuts first.  If Chris Matthews and Jenny Beth Martin can agree that The Penny Plan is “reasonable,” then so can Democrats and Republicans.

Sadly, Americans have come to expect the worst from our government including that a backroom deal will be made between the Obama Administration and Congress without the knowledge or support of the American people. And rather than adopt the ‘reasonable’ Penny Plan, Tea Party Patriots predict:


– Spending will increase, not decrease

– The debt ceiling will increase, not decrease

– Taxes will increase, not decrease

– Prices will increase for American families, not decrease

– Democrats will blame Republicans, some Republicans will blame those who want fiscal responsibility

– New deadline will create manufactured crisis in the future

– Over-taxing and over-spending will continue

“We the People are not cows to be milked, or scapegoats to be blamed,” said Martin. “We are sovereign American citizens who expect our government to live within its means and will hold them accountable if they don’t.  It is our money you are spending in oblivion.  We dare the government to take fiscal and personal responsibility – for a change.”