After watching last night’s Vice Presidential debate, Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

Tonight’s debate is a perfect example of the crisis we face. Our vice-president has shown he is an abusive political bully who belittles, mocks, ridicules and laughs at his opponent, the moderator, the viewers and anyone who questions this administration’s lack of leadership. Solutions require respect. These skills the vice president, and this administration, clearly lack.

It is time for leadership to take our country’s problems seriously and show us how America can be successful again with a strong economy, tackling our debt and deficit, national security, and foreign policy.

Jenny Beth is not the only Tea Partier who watched the debate, however. State and Local Coordinators across the country have also released statements about the debate. The statements showed just how one of the candidates showed more policy seriousness about the largest of the problems facing the nation:

“Overall Ryan has shown more knowledge and leadership. Biden has no solid answers, just funny faces and anger.” – Emery McClendon, Indiana Tea Party Coordinator.

“Last night Vice President Joe Biden touted the typical ‘war on women’ rhetoric, needing to protect a women’s right to ‘control their body.’ What I want are leaders who are more concerned about protecting my Constitution and my freedoms rather than my body (lady parts).” – Amy Brighton, Ohio Local Coordinator

Paul Ryan succeeded in what he needed to do by coming across as able to step into the presidency if the situation called for it, demonstrating a command of the issues which we all knew he had. Biden was still crazy Uncle Joe with his facial expressions, and he had no major gaffes. But we will all remember he says what he means and he means what he says – our taxes are going up by 1 trillion dollars.” – Ryan Rhodes, Iowa State Coordinator

“The debate showed the difference between a big-government spendaholic (Biden) and a man who actually wrote a budget that will balance (Ryan).  Maybe that’s why Biden stooped to bombast, belittling, and demeaning.  The debate was a great example of the distinctly different choices voters have in this election.” – Jim Bratten, Indiana State Coordinator

“Overall, this debate showcased the difference in attitude between those on the Left and the “rest of us”. They have no argument, no way to support their positions, so they belittle with bombast and demean others. Very good example of what distinctly different choices voters have in this election.” – Michael G. Hintze, Wisconsin State Coordinator

“As a mom of two school-age children, I can honestly say that had either one of them displayed such disrespectful and rude behavior to another human being, there would be serious repercussions. Apparently, Joe Biden was raised to believe that bullying is the appropriate behavior when unable to use reason.” – Marianne Gasiecki, Ohio State Coordinator

“I think an important leadership trait is maturity and in last night’s debate between the VP nominees, only Ryan showed the level adulthood we need in the White House”. – Gregg Cummings, Midwest Regional Coordinator

“American’s are hurting right now, and last night the Vice President showed America the same ‘let them eat cake’ attitude that has riddled this entire administration. America needs solutions, not a salesman.” – Shelby Blakely, Journalist Coordinator at Tea Party Patriots