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When it comes to elections, many Americans look to the respective political parties for guidance on how to vote. Many Democrats vote “straight ticket,” as do many Republicans. In this Tea Party Patriots video, however, one American shows how she is putting principles above party. From the video:

I’m worried about what’s going to happen to America in the next four years….They just don’t understand the Constitution anymore, or what the country all stands for….It scares me that we can’t say God…pretty soon we’re not going to say the Pledge of Allegiance. It just scares me that, pretty soon, America is going to fade into the rest of the world.

Many Americans have felt this way after the last several years – scared that bureaucrats and special interests will dominate Washington even more, at the expense of the country. Scared that these same bureaucrats will control the most important aspects of America’s health care system.  And most importantly, scared that the people will not have a voice anymore.

This is why the Tea Party exists – to provide a platform to that voice. Standing on principle isn’t always easy, but it’s important, and this activist is showing that she is willing to buck a party in order to make America better. Let’s hope we all have her strength of character on Tuesday, so we can return to an America we all know and love.