On January 15, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid again attacked the Tea Party, and urged Congressional Republicans to leave Tea Party “extremism” behind and “learn what legislation is all about.”  What is so “extreme” about the Tea Party’s support of the core principles of: fiscal responsibility, constitutional limited government, and free market economics? After all, those are the basic core principles that made America great.

There is something very ugly and unprincipled about Harry Reid’s attack on the tea party movement – on the American citizens that call themselves tea partiers. And while he attacks innocent Americans who are simply engaging in the civic process, as is always lauded in speeches and editorials, he makes claims about his own record that are demonstrably false.

Sen. Reid’s statements on his website stand in stark contrast to reality. For example, on Sen. Reid’s website:

  • Reid’s claim: “Senator Reid understands the serious long-term challenges facing the Federal government and has been an outspoken critic of policies that have led to a substantial increase in Federal debt over the past several years.”
  • FACT:  The national debt has risen from $8.7 trillion when Sen. Reid became the Senate Majority Leader in 2007 to $15.2 trillion as on January 12, 2012.
  • Reid’s claim: “Sen. Reid introduced legislation calling for a top-to-bottom review of the entire federal budget, to root out federal waste, fraud and abuse.”  S.10, Introduced 1/6/09.
  • FACT: After three years this bill has not even passed out of a Committee in the Senate despite Sen. Reid being the leader of the Senate.
  • Reid’s claim: “He took the lead in a successful effort to put tough pay-as-you-go rules [PAYGO] into law”. 
  • FACT: Sen. Reid has repeatedly ignored the PAYGO rule.  If PAYGO had been implemented the debt will not be rising.
  • Reid’s claim: “He helped push through budget resolutions that call for substantial reductions in our budget deficits”.
  • FACT: Under Sen. Reid’s leadership, the Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days.

Reid said it is time for Congressional Republicans to “learn what Legislation is all about,” yet he refuses to work on a bipartisan basis on even the most important issue: Jobs.  The Republican controlled House has passed 28 Jobs bills and Reid has refused to hold a hearing on any of them. “Legislation is all about” the Senate actually holding hearings on bills that passed the House and either amending them or passing them and sending them to the President for his signature.  Legislation is NOT all about refusing to hold hearings; refusing to work on a bi-partisan basis; and not even passing a budget for almost 1000 days.

Apparently Sen. Reid believes that bipartisanship means accepting, without question, whatever Sen. Reid thinks is beneficial to furthering his agenda.

Article by Bob Willians – President of State Budget Solutions, a non-partisan organization advocating for fundamental reform and REAL solutions to the state budget crises.