Senate Democrat responds to a Tea Party Constituent.
July 26, 2011. Larry Killion, Tea Party Patriot Citizen Journalist.

The Honorable Maria Cantwell (D-WA) answered a request today to stand firm with the Cut, Cap and Balance approach to solving the nation’s budget crisis. She began by suggesting that the problem was caused by the 2008 Wall Street crash. Economists, conservative commentators and millions of Tea Party activists have been saying for over three years now that the problem is mismanagement in Congress and their failure to curb the tax and spend mentality of elitist politicians.

Cantwell went on to say, “As your Senator, I have remained focused on turning around our economy by investing in job creation, fighting for Main Street small businesses, and implementing strong financial reform. I am also deeply concerned about getting our country’s fiscal house in order. It is time for both parties to work together for the good of the country and produce a responsible debt limit plan. I will continue to advocate for a plan that will stave off the economic catastrophe of default while creating jobs, putting Americans back to work, cutting wasteful government spending, and protecting Medicare and Social Security. Government has a responsibility to spend taxpayers’ dollars wisely, but it also has a responsibility to provide certain services and guarantees to the American people. In this time of economic crisis, I believe it is especially important that Congress prioritize those measures that will foster long-term economic growth.”

Tea Party Patriots hear politicians today speak in good general terms like this all the time but often see red flags regarding some of the language. For instance, when they say, “We must reinvest in our education system, and in our workers.” That usually means they must tax and spend in order to pad the pockets of special interest groups like the NEA, SEIU, and other big labor lobbyists.

The Senator continued, “As a member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee I will continue to work with President Obama and with my colleagues to draft legislation that strikes the right balance in how we collect and spend federal tax dollars so we can leave more than debt to the next generation.” The Tea Bagger’s gut reaction to this is, “Work with Obama? YIKES!” Voters are learning that “to draft legislation that strikes the right balance” means oh, no, get ready for more taxes.

For correspondence with the Senator’s office, please visit her contact website.