It has been quite a whirlwind in Wisconsin since Tea Party Patriots joined the fight to STOP THE SENSELESS RECALLS there. Patriots in Wisconsin who were already working there were joined by others from all over the United States.  Since May 20th, we have had over 150 volunteers on the ground walking door to door, hundreds of people phone banking – – – making thousands of calls, and we’ve knocked on thousands of doors.

Going back to territorial days, Wisconsin has had the ferocious badger on the state’s coat of arms. The badger is an appropriate symbol for Wisconsin because it is a natural enemy of snakes and rodents. The badgers of Wisconsin are not going to allow any DC special interest groups to prey on their great state, disrupting their election cycle and interfering with orderly government.

The majority of Wisconsin voters who have talked to our volunteers are fed up with the recalls and think that they are a waste of the state’s time and money. But there are always some people too busy to follow politics – our volunteers were happy to tell them about the election coming on June 5th and the importance it has both for Wisconsin and the Country.

Here are some statistics from our Wisconsin Effort:

·  Today, door knocking was in full swing across the state.

·  From Thursday ,the 24th through Tuesday the 29th, our volunteers knocked on 4,500 doors.

·  To date, our volunteers have knocked on a total of 6,912 doors.

·  We now have nearly 1,000 volunteers doing remote phone banking.

As we approach Election Day, June 5th, we expect an influx of volunteers for the final push.

Save Wisconsin, Save the Country!

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