George Washington and the Tea Party Movement–America’s Second Revolution

Words of encouragement by George Washington, compiled by Bill Norton

Since the victory of the American Revolution, there has never been a ground swell of everyday Americans rising up to restore their Liberties—until now. It is a remarkable time, but not dissimilar to the difficulties of 1776. We have an oppressive king—Washington elitists; a daunting army to fight—an overreaching federal government; and a ragtag, untrained, undisciplined army as our only defense—grassroots Tea Party movement. What words would General George Washington, the patriot sage, give today to advise and inspire us? His words of yesteryear, based on original principles, are as fitting today as they were in his—Listen!

“The cause we are engaged in is so just and righteous that we must try to rise superior to every obstacle in its support.” We need patriots—Tea Party Patriots. “It appears as clear to me … that America never stood in more eminent need of the wise, patriotic, and spirited exertions of her [citizens] than at this period.” “Clouds may hover over our political concerns, but a steady adherence to these principles will not only dispel them but render our prospects the brighter by such temporary obscurities.” Some may want to shrink from the task with feelings of inadequate talents, but recall, Washington had “a consciousness of its being a trust too great for my capacity.” Read more…

Bill Norton
National Support Team, Constitutional Coordinator,
Tea Party