In a recent radio interview, Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said he is willing to raise taxes in order to help solve America’s debt problem. Chambliss’ comments (as well of those of Senator Graham (R-SC), Senator Corker (R-TN) and Rep. Peter King (R-NY), all of whom have supported tax increases in the last few days) have inspired a firestorm of criticism from many quarters. Rather than repeat these criticisms – Tea Party values are not in line with tax increases, after all – I’d like to address two points the debate on the national debt often whitewashes.

First, it is not against Tea Party values to increase revenue to the federal government. It is against Tea Party values to raise taxes. Eliminating loopholes and lowering rates equivalently would not be a tax increase, and would help the economy boom. This would necessarily include more employment by millions of Americans, which would in turn bring in more revenue to the federal government. For some reason, many opponents of tax increases in Washington fail to tie this in with their opposition to higher taxes, which means the media can make opposition to tax increases look foolish.

Second, raising taxes will never solve America’s debt problem. Ever. Spending is on a runaway rise, and tax revenues can only go so high. Raising taxes will chip away at the deficit, to be sure – but raising taxes will also blunt economic growth, and continue the government conceit that says its addiction to more spending should be bailed out by more of your hard-earned income. The simple fact is that we have a massive spending problem, and while our tax code does need reform, increasing rates won’t do the job.

In the end, spending should be brought back within the bounds of the Constitution. This would negate the argument for higher taxes, as the budget would easily balance. Any solution that aims for higher taxes on Americans without putting the budget in the direction of constitutionality is one based upon intellectual dishonesty, and is not a real solution to America’s debt problem.

The aforementioned Senators and Congressman are not the only Members of Congress who are okay with taking more of your money instead of focusing on economic growth and major cuts to the federal budget. They are merely some of the latest to state it publicly. As Congress continues to discuss the “fiscal cliff,” make sure you and your fellow local Tea Party Patriots are ready to let your Representatives and Senators know exactly what you think of any proposal to increase taxation on the American people.